Supporting Teen and Children Mental Health | NGN Learning

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Familiar Mental Health Troubles in Children and Teens

Behavioral Issues
Anxiety & Fears
Academic Challenges
Low Self-esteem & Self-Confidence
Poor Communication
Impulsive Behavior
Emotions Management

Tailor-fit For the Rising Stars - Kids and Teens

Introducing a preventive and comprehensive mental healthcare platform for behavioral and cognitive well-being, dedicated to promoting development through SEEL - Social, Emotional, Ethical, and Logical Learning. We provide virtual mental healthcare at home. Additionally, we offer annual in-person curricula to PreK to 12 schools.

Bridging the Gap: Our Unique Mental Healthcare for Home and School Settings

Holistic Education for All: Typical and Special Needs Children and Teens"

Any children need a boost in social and emotional skills

Special needs children requires self-esteem, self-worth, and self-confidence skills

Boost Child's Mental Wellness With Social, Emotional, Ethical, and Logical (SEEL)

Perfect solutions for children between the ages of 2 and 17

Hours Virtual
K12 Students

Regular Children

Global Citizenship blended learning for managing social, emotional, ethical, and logical skills

Special Needs

Children with ADHD, anger, anxiety, or other disorders benefit from our programs for developing self-worth, self-esteem, and resilience skills.


The 360-degree SEEL assessment covers nine domains of social, emotional, ethical, and logical skills.

Logical &
Cognitive Skills

A logic curriculum based on social impact with emphasis on quantitative, verbal, and non-verbal skills.

The NGN Learning's Toolkit

Progressive Experiences to Foster Emotional and Logical Development

Social, Emotional, and Ethical Skills

  • Learn Naming Emotions, Anger Management, Sharing, Turn-taking, Empathy, Seeking Support, Impulse Control, and Mindfulness.

Cognitive Skills

  • Learn Patterns, Pictures, and Images - L1, Color - L1, Numerical Series, Odd One Out - L1, Blood Relations - L1, Coding and Decoding, Ascending and Descending (Alphabets), Ranking and Order - L1, Analogy, and Merge and Identifying Shapes.Mental Imagery - L1, Venn Diagram - L1, Similar Pair, Deductive Reasoning - L1, Inductive Reasoning - L1, Puzzles.


Social, Emotional, and Ethical Skills

  • Gain insight into self-reflection, self-control, personal space, power of words, and self-talk.

  • Master the skills of growth mindset, anger management, dealing with bullying, social communication, and coping with changes.

Cognitive Skills

  • Gain insight into Patterns, Pictures, and Images - L3, Color - L3, Mental Imagery - L2, Paper Folding, Venn Diagram - L2, Odd One Out - L3, Deductive Reasoning - L2, Inductive Reasoning - L2, Cause, and Effect - L 1, and Mirror Images - L1.

  • Master the skills of the Alphabetic Series, Calendars - L1, Blood Relations, Coding and Decoding, Directions, Ranking and Order - L2, Statements and Assumptions, Deductive Reasoning - L3, and Mirror Images - L2.

Social, Emotional, and Ethical Skills

  • Acquire deep understanding and hands-on experience in positive self-esteem, dealing with bullying, planning, negotiation, and positive thinking.

  • Master ethical decision-making skills, dealing with unhealthy friendships, a positive mindset, ethical decision-making, and resilience.

Cognitive Skills

  • Acquire deep understanding and hands-on experience in Venn Diagram - L3, Data Sufficiency, Cause, and Effect - L2, Arrangements - L1, Para jumbles, Matrices, Analogy of Shapes, Like Figures, Nets of Cubes, and Conditional Statements.

  • Master Series(NVR), Fundamental Counting, Verbal Codes, Number Matrices and Patterns, Folding and Punching, Odd Sentence Out, Mathematical Operations, Hidden Figures, Error Spotting, and Tabular Data.


Social, Emotional, and Ethical Skills

Learn conflict resolution, stress management, positive mindset, perspective-taking, and responsible decision-making.

Cognitive Skills

Learn Arrangements - L2, Cubes and Cuboids, Magic Squares, Work and Time, Directional Sense, Speed Distance and Time, Ratio and Proportion, Blood Relations - L3, Age and Coin Puzzles, and Data Sufficiency.


..through the transformational potential of children's and teens' mental healthcare. Instead of just offering curative measures, we believe in the immense capacity of Social, Emotional, Ethical, and Logical Learning (SEEL) to be preventive, guiding the next generation toward a prosperous and emotionally intelligent future in the realm of Artificial Intelligence (AI).