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Home School for Special needs Children


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Discover India’s Pioneering Home Schooling Solution for: Special Needs Children (Ages 5-18)

At NGN Learning, we’re rewriting the playbook on education, bringing a revolutionary approach to homeschooling that caters exclusively to special needs children. We’re proud to be the first of our kind in India.











About Us

NGN Learning is India’s first Preventive Mental Healthcare Platform for children and teens. Our platform is armed with NGN’s cutting-edge SEEL (Social, Emotional, Ethical, and Logical) Curriculum, inclusive for all mainstream and special needs children.

Our SEEL curriculum results from collaborative efforts with clinical psychologists, early childhood experts, and passionate educators who deeply understand the significance of preventive mental healthcare in schools and homes.

Notably, our SEEL curriculum complies with NEP 2020 and NCF 2023 mandates, encouraging the critical importance of social-emotional learning in educational institutions and households.

Moonshot Vision
Empower 450 million children in India with affordable access to preventive mental healthcare education.

Integrate preventive mental healthcare seamlessly into educational institutions and households nationwide.


Frequently asked questions

The NGN Learning School program is designed for diverse students of all ages, making it suitable for:

Children seek a holistic education that includes academics, social-emotional learning, and character development.

➡ Families looking for flexible learning schedules tailored to each child.

➡ Students with unique learning styles or challenges benefit from a personalized approach.

➡ Parents who want active involvement in their child's education.

➡ Those seeking a balanced curriculum combining academics and life skills.

➡ Students aiming for academic excellence and critical thinking skills.

➡ Individuals preparing for a rapidly changing world, gaining essential adaptable skills.

Step 1: Assessment

➡ What is the first step?

➡ You will purchase the first class, which includes an assessment conducted by NGN Early Childhood Counselors.?

Step 2: Customized Program

➡ What happens after the assessment?

➡ Our Advisory Counselor will follow up with an assessment report and provide a custom 9-month program proposal, including fees and schedule.

Step 3: Onboarding

➡ What's next for your child?

➡ Your child will be onboarded into the NGN Learning School program.

Step 4: Personalized Learning

➡ What's next for your child?

➡ Initially, we will place your child in 1:1 private classes, five days a week (Mondays to Fridays). During this phase, we will collaboratively work with both parents and the child to address any issues or challenges they may be facing. This is a curated approach to ensure your child's success.

Step 5: Preventive-Based Learning

➡ What is the ultimate goal of the program?

➡ Our ultimate goal is to provide preventive-based learning. We will teach subjects that are highly relevant in real life, including math, logic, social and emotional learning, language, and more, to equip your child with practical skills for the future.


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