Training: Empowering Behavior and Ethical Growth through Social, Emotional, and Ethical Learning (SEEL) Techniques

Event Date:

September 28, 2023

Event Time:

4:00 pm

Event Location: Zoom Online

Two-Day Training Workshop: September 28th and 29th from 4:00 PM -5:30 PM.

Explore advanced strategies in classroom management that harness the power of NGN SEEL (Social, Emotional, Ethical, and Logical Learning) to foster positive behavior and nurture an ethical mindset among students.


Ekta Juswani, Child Developmental Psychologist, NGN Learning

Zaheda Jeewa, Child Counseling Psychologist, NGN Learning

Tejaswini B H, Early Childhood & NGN SEEL Specialist, NGN Learning


NGNSoft Inc., US-based Certification Of Completion

Day 1 Learning Outcomes:
1. Understand the significance of positive classroom dynamics for student behavior and learning.

2. Explore the core principles of NGN SEEL (Social, Emotional, Ethical, and Logical Learning) and its role in fostering positive behavior

3. Learn strategies to create a safe, inclusive, and respectful classroom environment.

4. Recognize the impact of teacher-student relationships on classroom dynamics.

5. Develop techniques for proactive behavior management using NGN SEEL principles.

Day 2 Learning Outcomes:
1. Introduce advanced NGN SEEL strategies for ethical growth and behavior empowerment.

2. Learn methods for facilitating ethical discussions and critical thinking in students.

3. Understand the connection between empathy and ethical decision making in the classroom.

4. Acquire techniques to promote collaboration, conflict resolution, and teamwork.

5. Reflect on the importance of ethical behavior in real-life situations and its impact on individuals and society.

6. Develop a personalized action plan to implement NGN SEEL techniques and empower ethical behavior in the classroom.

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Event Schedule Details

  • September 28, 2023 4:00 pm   -   5:30 pm
  • September 29, 2023 4:00 pm   -   5:30 pm
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