Student Dashboard Guide - NGN Learning

Student Dashboard Guide

NGN Learning Dashboard User Guide


Login (or from Login button on the top menu)  Enter email (as username) and Password used during the registration


On successful log-in, the user will reach their dashboard page, just like the image given


To check and edit the student profile, click on the Profile button on the left menu.

My Quizzes

To check all class quizzes, click on Courses – All quizzes from the left menu.

To view the quizzes assigned to a student by the teacher, click MY Quizzes → Assigned

Start Quiz

Student can attempt a quiz by clicking on the quiz name.

Go through all the fun games, interactive quizzes, SI messages and click on submit button when ready

My Worksheets

To view Worksheets/Projects (Assignments), click on ‘My Worksheets’ under Courses
To attempt a worksheet/project, the student can click on the worksheet/ project name and click on “Start Assignment“

Student can click on the worksheet/ project name and Click on “Start Assignment

Download your worksheet/ project by clicking on icons shown below:

  1. Fill your worksheets with answers. Take picture or video of the same.

  2. Upload your assignment via “Select File” section highlighted below

  3. Add some note you want to add in highlighted portion “Type here..”

  4. Once done, click on “Submit Assignment”

Parents/students  can keep track of progress of each class, projects, fun quizzes and worksheets in the dashboard like image given