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Working Memory Kit For Educators & Counselors

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For : Parents & Guardians/ Educators & Counselors

Curriculum : Special Education: Behavioral Modification/ Social and emotional skills / General Education

User’s Engagement : Printables

Application : School, Home Schooling, Special Schools, Counseling Centers, Psychotherapy, Behavioral Therapy, Open Schooling

Subjects : Social Emotional Ethical & Logical Learning (NGN SEEL), English Language, Life skills

Skills : Cognitive Skills

Grade : 1st, 2nd, 3rd

Aligned/Compliant : NEP 2020, NCF, FLN, ECCE

Age : 6 to 8 years

Resource Type : Tools, Worksheets, Activities, Concept Teaching

Language : English

Delivery Format : ZIP

Duration : 4 hours

Product Total: $14


Delve into the fascinating world of memory with our “Working Memory” Kit – your companion to unraveling the intricacies of cognitive function. This comprehensive resource presents captivating activities for comprehending and harnessing the power of working memory, fostering enriched memory strategies and cognitive skills.

Key Features:

Engaging Activities: Immerse learners in interactive exercises that unveil the essence of working memory.
Improve Memory Strategies: Equip learners with techniques to enhance memory processes.
Enhance Cognitive Skills: Cultivate cognitive abilities through focused working memory practice.
Inclusive Exploration: Create an environment of shared learning and engagement.
Cultivate Cognitive Proficiency: Empower learners with fundamental cognitive skills for various tasks.
Join us in nurturing a generation of agile learners with enhanced cognitive prowess. Order today to provide learners with the tools they need to comprehend and apply working memory, fostering enriched memory strategies and cognitive agility for a brighter educational journey.

Here’s What You Get

Concept Teaching
NGN Train On Track Tool
Activity 1: Memory Game – Sorting and Categorizing
Activity 2: Store In Memory – Comparing Stories
Facilitator’s Guide

Additional information

Student Age

6 -7 Years, 8 – 9 Years

Student Grade


Resources Type

Activities, Worksheet

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