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Social-Emotional Learning For Special Needs and Differentiated Learning


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Parents/Guardians of Children With Special Needs Seeking Differentiated Learning,

First time in India, introducing Social Emotional, Ethical and Logical Learning (SEEL) programs to help your child develop social and emotional competencies. Many behavioral conditions and interventions coincide with a child’s emotional development. Currently, we are offering the first class for Rs 99. In the event that you are satisfied with our class, you will have the option of choosing monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual membership.

As part of the NGN SEEL program, children are taught ways to identify and express their emotions (self-awareness) and regulate them (self-management). Get a head start on the skills that matter most to children to survive and succeed in life. Fun and Global Ways to Learn Real-Life Emotions and Cognitive Skills. Globally, many children suffer from pre-existing issues such as low self-esteem, low confidence, slow learning growth, impulsive behavior, poor communication skills, bad attitudes, rage, bullying, lack of empathy, etc. In most cases, schools and home environments often do not teach life skills. Our evidence-based “SEEL Curriculum” is blended with ESG (environment, social, governance) and social impact-based 21st-century education.

Highlight Of The Curriculum:

➡ Nine SEEL competency modules (self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, responsible decision-making, cognitive skills, problem-solving, joyous childhood, and social communication).

➡ Pre and Post Assessments and Screening

➡ Virtual training.

➡ Guided lessons can be blended into current therapy sessions.

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