2023-24 International NGN Logic Olympiad, Grade 6 - NGN Learning
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2023-24 International NGN Logic Olympiad, Grade 6


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NGN Logic Olympiad will be conducted on three dates in a year. An individual may select one date or subscribe for all three dates for next year to conduct the NGN Logic Olympiad as per their convenience.

Dates of exams may change depending on functioning of schools.

The NGN Logic Olympiad is the first and only contest in the world based on the Logic curricula. So, get your Logic Performance Report (LPR) consisting of grade, logic skills strength and weakness, percentile, and placement. Overconfident parents and students often find that their child’s ability in mathematics does not necessarily indicate their ability to think logically and rationally. The NGN Logic curriculum fills this gap.


Rules for Grade 6

  • Online contest
  • 90-minute long
  • 33 Questions total
  • Maximum score: 100 points
  • Section A (Basic Level): 2 Marks, 15 Questions
  • Section B (Moderate Level): 3 Marks, 10 Questions
  • Section C (Difficult Level): 5 Marks, 8 Questions

Additional information

Competition Date

17th September, 2023, 17th December, 2023, 19th May, 2024, Annual Package (May, Sep, Dec) 2024


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