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Live online classes by our expert NGN counselors to introduce children (5 to 14 years of age) to global citizenship-based social-emotional, logical, and mathematical learning. Our preparatory classes include:

About Social, Emotional, Ethical, and Logic Learning (SEEL)

The NGN SEEL is a framework for fostering the holistic development of social, emotional, and logical skills in children, adolescents, and communities. Having SEEL skills makes a person empathetic, resilient, socially astute, emotionally intelligent, and an ethical and logical thinker.

  • Social skills allow people to understand their various bonds and boundaries with family, friends, and society. 
  • Emotional skills development allows a person to understand the feelings of others and themselves.
  • Ethical decision-making allows a person to gain a greater understanding of their values and morals during the decision-making process.
  • Logical thinking is the process of analyzing a situation to come up with solutions that are rational and sensible.

About NGN Logic

Learn 100+ Logical and analytical thinking skills with a prime focus on quantitative, non-verbal, and verbal domains. Social impact blended NGN Logic gives your child 360-degree exposure to solving global issues rationally and logically.

About NGN Math

Our math curriculum aligns with CBSE/CCSS/IGSE and state and central board standards. In addition, NGN Math trains your child to solve global issues using various level-based math skills.

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1 Class, 8 Classes, 24 Classes, 48 Classes, 72 Classes


Logic, Math, SEEL, NGN Logic Olympiad Prep

Student Grade

K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

Curriculum Pace

Regular Curriculum, Special Needs Child


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