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Good Coomunication Kit For Educators & Counselors

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For : Parents & Guardians/ Educators & Counselors

Curriculum : Special Education: Behavioral Modification/ Social and emotional skills / General Education

User’s Engagement : Printables

Application : School, Home Schooling, Special Schools, Counseling Centers, Psychotherapy, Behavioral Therapy, Open Schooling

Subjects : Social Emotional Ethical & Logical Learning (NGN SEEL), English Language, Life skills
Skills : Social communication, Good Coomunication, Tones of voice,Social Interaction, Effective Communication and Communication Etiquette.

Grade : 1st, 2nd, 3rd

Aligned/Compliant : NEP 2020, NCF, FLN, ECCE

Age : 5 to 7 years

Resource Type : Tools, Worksheets, Activities, Concept Teaching

Language : English

Delivery Format : ZIP

Duration : 4 hours

Product Total: $14


Introducing CommuniQuest: The Good Communication Kit – Tones of Voice:

-A revolutionary toolkit designed to empower children with essential communication tools for better interpersonal interactions.This innovative resource offers a holistic method for developing effective communication skills, allowing young learners to express themselves clearly and empathetically.

-CommuniQuest provides an interactive and secure space for children to practice and enhance their communication abilities.

-Specially designed activities and exercises encourage the exploration of different tones of voice, emphasizing the importance of tone in various situations.

-Ideal for educators, parents, and caregivers, CommuniQuest is an essential tool for nurturing children’s social development.

– Empower young learners to confidently express themselves and better understand others.

-Embark on a transformative journey. Order CommuniQuest: The Good Communication Kit to enhance communication skills and build stronger interpersonal connections.

Here’s What You Get

Concept Teaching
Activity 1 – Answer And Act
Activity 2: The Voice Bucket
Facilitator’s Guide

Additional information

Student Age

6 -7 Years

Student Grade


Resources Type

Activities, Worksheet

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