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Make your child emotionally intelligent with…


  • Live Online classes for Levels K-8

  • Unlimited classes

  • Taught by NGN Early Childhood Counselors, Ambassadors, Teachers

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    Our counselors provide a safe space for kids to express their feelings and thoughts. We offer handy tools to support self-awareness and emotions management.


    We nurture kids to learn skills that make a true leader. They learn problem-solving, leadership, creativity, empathy.


    Research shows that early SEL training helps kids do much better in personal life, academics, and future professional life than others. We help kids avail this and be well-adjusted individuals in their lives.

    What is Social-Emotional Learning?

    Social-emotional learning (SEL) is a method that helps students of all ages to better comprehend and manage their emotions and thereby lead a balanced, happy life.


    It teaches Empathy, Social Skills, Self-Management, Positive Affirmation, and Conflict Resolution.

    Why is Social-Emotional Learning important?

    SEL nurtures Emotional Intelligence (EQ) which is the key to building stronger relationships and leading a happy life.

    EQ is the ability to understand, and manage emotions positively, empathize with others, and resolve conflicts peacefully.

    What do you dream your child to be?







    Join NGN Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and make your child a winner!

    NGN SEL makes Emotionally Intelligent Global Orators Who Can..

    • Fabulously connect with their audience
    • Effortlessly convey their message
    • Possess a great stage presence!

    NGN SEL makes Charismatic Leaders Who Can:

    • Show empathy towards others
    • Collaborate and build healthy relationships
    • Understand and analyze social issues
    • Offer viable solutions to pressing problems

    NGN SEL makes Expressive Impactful Writers Who Can…

    • Understand their readers’ needs, neurotic motivations, hopes, worries, and dreams
    • xpress exquisitely and touch hearts
    • Foster positive, life-altering changes!

    We Create Confident, Positive Change Makers Who Are:

    • Flexible to change
    • Resilient to challenges
    • Consistent to achieve their goals