NGN Logic Olympiad: Grades K-8 Contest
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NGN Logic Olympiad

Registration Open for Grades 1 thru 8
The NGN Logic Olympiad is the first and only contest in the world which is based on the NGN Logic curriculum.
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NGN Logic Grade K

Skills Covered
Blood Relations, Coding and Decoding, Ascending and Descending(Alphabets), Ranking and Order, Numerical Series,Color, Odd One Out, Analogy, Merge and Identify Shapes, Patterns, Pictures, and Images
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NGN Logic Grade 1

Skills Covered
Deductive Reasoning, Blood Relations, Patterns, Pictures, and Images, Color, Mental Imagery, Venn Diagram, Similar Pair, Odd One Out, Inductive Reasoning, Puzzles
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NGN Logic Grade 2

Skills Covered
Deductive Reasoning, Cause and Effect, Patterns, Pictures, and Images, Color, Mental Imagery, Paper Folding, Venn Diagram, Mirror Images, Inductive Reasoning, Odd One Out
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NGN Logic Grade 3

Skills Covered
Alphabetic Series, Blood Relations, Coding and Decoding, Ranking and Order, Statement and Assumptions, Deductive Reasoning, Directions, Mirror Images, Calendars
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NGN Logic Grade 4

Skills Covered
Conditional Statements, Parajumbles, Arrangements, Cause and Effect, Matrices, Analogy of Shapes, Nets of Cubes, Like Figures, Venn Diagram, Data Sufficiency
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NGN Logic Grade 5

Skills Covered
Odd Sentence Out, Error Spotting, Mathematical Operations, Fundamental Counting, Number Matrices and Patterns, Folding and Punching, Magic Squares, Hidden Figures, Cubes and Cuboids,Series(NVR)
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NGN Logic Grade 6

Skills Covered
Arrangements, Blood Relations, Verbal Codes, Directional Sense, Tabular Data, Work and Time, Speed, Distance and Time, Ratio and Proportion, Age and Coin Puzzle, Data Sufficiency
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NGN Logic Grade 7

Skills Covered
Round Robin Tournaments, Reading and Comprehensions, Word Play, Non Verbal Analytical Skills, Number Analogy, Probability, Critical Path, Number Series, Number Systems, Calendars
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NGN Logic Grade 8

Skills Covered
Text Completion, Machine Input Output, Binary Logic, Knock-Out Tournaments, Verbal Codes, Permutations and Combinations, Syllogism, Data Interpretation, Clocks, Set Theory
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NGN Logic Classes

Learn Social Impact Based Logical and Critical Thinking Skills Live Online classes from Levels K to 8 Taught by NGN Early Childhood Counselors, Ambassadors, BSc/MSc/Btech Degree Holder.
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